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The first island pedicle flap was described by Celsus, but the first modern use of the island pedicle flap was by Esser in 1917. 26 Since the 1940s, many types of island pedicle flaps have been described, the most common of which is a triangular flap that derives its blood supply from a deep and mobile subcutaneous or muscular pedicle, which remains attached to the central portion of the flap. 27, 28 In the plastic surgery literature, this traditional island pedicle flap is frequently. - after flap has established sufficient vascular connections w/ recipient site, the second stage, pedicle transection and inset completion, is performed; - Axial Pedicle Flaps: - classified as either peninsular or island - peninsular flaps maintain tissue continuity across the length of to the donor area Medical Definition of pedicle flap. : a flap which is left attached to the original site by a narrow base of tissue to provide a blood supply during grafting. — called also pedicle graft Pedicled Flaps. Summary. Two distinct flaps, the paramidline forehead flap and the nasolabial flap, are most suitable for nasal reconstruction. Although they should not be considered interchangeable, either pedicle flap can be considered for the majority of defects without lining The island pedicle flap uses an island of skin that is detached from its epidermal and dermal attachments while retaining its vascular supply from an underlying pedicle to repair a cutaneous defect. Proper design of this flap requires familiarity with the anatomic and vascular basis of the flap and . The island pedicle flap uses an island of skin.

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The most well-known pedicle flap is the paramedian forehead flap, which is based on the rich vasculature of the supratrochlear region. 1-4 The great benefit of a forehead flap or cheek interpolation flap is the ability to tap into a reservoir of suitable tissue at a substantial distance away from its intended target defect. Other than the. Before the pedicle is divided, the area the flap will be re-attached to is prepared by identifying a recipient artery and vein. The free flap is brought up to the defect area, and the vein and artery from the flap (vascular pedicle) are anastomosed (re-connected) to the vein and artery identified in the wound

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A free flap is more complex though than a pedicled flap; the preparation and re-attachment of the blood vessels using microsurgical techniques makes free flap surgery both lengthier and more complicated to perform. The most important complication of a microsurgical reconstruction to be considered is possible failure of the flap pedicle: [ ped´ĭ-k'l ] a footlike, stemlike, or narrow basal part or structure, such as a narrow strip by which a graft of tissue remains attached to the donor site. pedicle of vertebral arch one of the paired parts of the vertebral arch that connect a lamina to the vertebral body

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Define pedicle flap. pedicle flap synonyms, pedicle flap pronunciation, pedicle flap translation, English dictionary definition of pedicle flap. n. 1. a. A projecting or hanging piece usually attached to something on one side and often intended to protect or cover: the flap of an envelope. b Pedicle flap definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now Pedicle TRAM flap In a pedicle TRAM flap procedure, the surgeon cuts a section of skin, muscle, fat and blood vessels from your abdomen, tunnels the tissue underneath your skin to its new location, and uses it to form a new breast mound Pedicle Flap Procedures. LD Flap (back) TRAM Flap (abdomen) LD Flap (Back) The LD flap incorporates the latissimus dorsi, the broadest muscle of the back, and is one of the oldest options available for breast reconstruction. The flap's risk of failure is minimal because of its reliable blood supply, and it may be particularly suited to. Conventionally, the pedicled groin flap can only cover a single surface of either the volar or dorsal defect. 1 A bilobed pedicle was designed to make the coverage of both the volar and dorsal surfaces possible. 4, 5 The main advantage of this technique is that the donor site can be closed primarily, whereas the disadvantage of using a pedicled.

pedicle flap. (PEH-dih-kul ) A type of surgery used to rebuild the shape of the breast after a mastectomy. Tissue, including skin, fat, and muscle, is moved from one area of the body, such as the back or abdomen, to the chest to form a new breast mound A slender footlike or stemlike part, as at the base of a tumor. b. Part of a skin or tissue graft that is left temporarily attached to the original site. [Latin pediculus, diminutive of pēs, ped-, foot; see pedicel .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition

The gracilis flap may be harvested as either a muscle or a musculocutaneous flap. The vascular pedicle is the ascending branch of the medial circumflex femoral artery and vein. The length of the pedicle is approximately 6 to 7 cm with an external diameter of 1 to 1.5 cm. Motor innervation is from the anterior branch of the obturator nerve An interpolated flap. The donor site is separated from the recipient site, and the pedicle of the flap must pass above or beneath the tissue to reach the recipient area. (A) Flap is outlined and elevated. (B) Donor site is closed. (C) Pedicle is divided once the flap is revascularized. (D) Insetting of the flap is completed The lingual pedicle flap has been previously utilized to cover denuded roots on lingual surfaces of mandibular incisors, mainly involving those areas associated with an ill-fitting removable partial denture. 20-22 A study done by Huang et al. demonstrated that a double laterally rotated bilateral flap provided good aesthetics and blood. Flap surgery is a technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery where any type of tissue is lifted from a donor site and moved to a recipient site with an intact blood supply. This is distinct from a graft, which does not have an intact blood supply and therefore relies on growth of new blood vessels.This is done to fill a defect such as a wound resulting from injury or surgery when the. The roots of palatal pedicle grafts seem to be from RSPF. It was advocated by Nemcovsky in 1999 for the soft tissue coverage over extraction sites with immediate implant placement. Several other techniques based on the palatal pedicle grafts include palatal advanced flap by Khoury and Happe in 2000, rotated full palatal flap by Nemcovsky in 2000, and palatal advanced flap by Goldstein et al.

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Purpose: Reconstruction of facial skin defects may be a clinical challenge in respect to esthetic considerations, and the V-Y advancement island pedicle flap has been a versatile and reliable method. Besides the V-Y flap, this article is to introduce the variations of subcutaneous island pedicle flaps and their versatility for facial reconstruction The advantages of lateral pedicle flap are its simplicity, presence of only one surgical site and good vascularity of pedicle.9,10 Whereas its disadvantages are that the amount of keratinized attached gingiva that is the pre requisite, probable recession at donor site, dehiscence or fenestration at donor and limitation to only 1 or 2 teeth A pedicle is a stem or stalk of tissue that connects parts of the body to each other. The brain has many pedicles (such as the cerebral pedicle) that connect areas of the brain to each other. Skin tags are small pieces of skin tissue that connect to the body with a pedicle Rotational and Pedicle Flaps for Coverage of Distal Upper Extremity Injuries L. Scott Levin DEFINITION A flap is a composite of tissue (ie, skin, fascia, muscle, bone, or combination) that is moved from its original location to another location in or on the body.5 Several different types of flaps exist, defined by their blood supply An interpolation flap is a 2-stage tissue flap in which the base of the flap is not immediately adjacent to the recipient site. These flaps are used when insufficient tissue or mobility in nearby skin prevents coverage of a surgical defect with primary closure or an adjacent flap

Pedicle definition is - pedicel. 2: the part of a skin or tissue graft left attached to the original site during the preliminary stages of unio The pedicle of the flap is more organized, relatively large, and easy to form into the shape of a cat's ears. Li Pandeng et al. 14 designed a double blood supply composite tissue flap with peroneal artery perforator and sural artery carrying gastrocnemius muscle in repairing lacunar skin and soft tissue defect of ankle. The pedicle of the. The subcutaneous island pedicle flap (also called a V-Y advancement flap) is a random pattern cutaneous flap that is a useful method of repairing small to medium-sized facial wounds. 12 - 28 The classical advancement flap recruits contiguous tissue to repair an adjacent defect by creating a flap elevated to its base after two parallel. AÂ skin flap is a segment of skin and its underlying connective tissue or panniculus muscle (e.g. cutaneous trunci) that remains attached to a blood supply during its placement into a skin defect.A single pedicle advancement skin flap is a flap that is mobilized by undermining and advancement into a defect without altering the plane of the pedicle Pedicle Grafts: Rotational Flaps and Double-Papilla Procedure. Serge Dibartand Mam douh Karima. HISTORY. Grupe & Warren were the first to describe the sliding flap as a method to repair isolated gingival defects (1956). They reported elevating a full-thickness flap one tooth away from the defect and rotating it to cover the recession

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Purpose Though the use of the pedicled nasoseptal flap (NSF), a reconstructive technique used after endoscopic endonasal approaches (EEA) for resection of craniopharyngiomas, has been shown to reduce the occurrence of post-operative cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks in adults, less is known about its use in pediatric populations, specifically in children under the age of 7 The rate of local recurrence after closure of OWT was significantly higher with muscle flap than with omental pedicle flap (0% vs . 50.0%, P=0.012). The median duration of postoperative hospital stay was significantly shorter with omental pedicle flap than that with muscle flap (16.0 vs . 41.5 days, P=0.037)

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The flap, 1.0 cm in length and 0.8 cm in width, containing the thumb dorsal ulnar artery and 1 to 2 dorsal veins was designed along the dorsal ulnar artery. The flap pedicle was located at either ulnar side. The proximal part of the flap was used as the pedicle. The point of rotation did not exceed one half of the plane of the middle phalan The groin flap is an axial-pattern distant flap that is elevated on its pedicle and inset to the primary defect.1 The surrounding tissues of the primary defect allow vascularization into the periphery and deep surface of the flap, thus providing a blood supply sufficiently robust for the vascular pedicle to be divided at a later stage. Although. The tubed pedicle flap is a surgical procedure developed in the 1910's that allows the movement of tissue from one part of the body to another in the reconstructive treatment of defects. It revolutionized the field of plastic surgery and led to the birth of procedures that are commonplace today Synonyms for pedicle flap in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for pedicle flap. 88 synonyms for flap: flutter, wave, swing, swish, flail, beat, wave, thrash, flutter, agitate. Indications for Pedicle Flat Coverage [1 MB] Skin Requirements and Donor Selection [400 KB] Evolution of the Pattern Design [200 KB] The Technique of Defatting an Abdominal Flap [2 MB] Technical Requirements for Formation of a Tube Pedicle Flap [6 MB] The Open Abdominal Flap [4 MB] Unusual Flaps and Complex Reconstructions [3 MB] Bibliography.

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The pedicle and the stem of the flap are left thick. In this case, the slides show a dotted line across the stem of the flap (see photo 4.D.) which indicates that the parasitic fat is removed to that point. Photo 4.D After adequate defatting of the flap and adequate hemostasis has been obtained, the flap is then inset wit pedicle flap — n a flap which is left attached to the original site by a narrow base of tissue to provide a blood supply during grafting called also pedicle graft * * * a flap consisting of the full thickness of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, attached by. The flap pedicle and muscle, which now drapes the neck, provides the necessary blood supply; however, it creates tension on the wound closure secondary to gravity and muscle pull. This must be addressed by suspending the pectoralis muscle to the underlying deep neck using resorbable sutures (eg. 3-0 Vicryl)

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  1. n a flap which is left attached to the original site by a narrow base of tissue to provide a blood supply during grafting called also pedicle graft * * * a flap consisting of the full thickness of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, attached b
  2. Risk Factors for Pedicle Flap Complications in 251 Elderly Chinese Patients Who Underwent Oral and Maxillofacial Reconstruction. Z. Fang , Zhuowei Tian , C. Zhang , Jian Sun , Jingzhou Hu , Y. H
  3. Part of the conceptual thinking that characterizes reconstructive surgery is to consider the way tissue is transferred: locally pedicled, pedicled from a distance, or free. In 1917, now 100 years ago, the concept of the distant tubed pedicle skin flap was published. The tubed flap has raised a debate about priority in the past. This historical review elucidates this debate and identifies.
  4. Buccal Sliding Palatal Pedicle Flap Technique for Wound Closure After Ridge Augmentation Description: One standard approach for wound closure after ridge augmentation is coronal flap advancement. Coronal flap advancement results in displacement of the mucogingival junction and reduction of the vestibulum
  5. This video demonstrates the transposition of a pedicle flap from above the brow to the upper eyelid. The patient has a history of a congenital 7th nerve palsy, s/p multiple surgeries and a recent gold weight extrusion. This has resulted in a shortened anterior lamella along the upper lid. A gold weight is going to be reinserted, therefore a.
  6. The different corneal bandaging techniques using contact lenses, collagen based biomaterials, cyano-acrylate tissue adhesives, corneal graft, third eye lid flap, conjunctival pedicle graft and temporary tarsorrhaphy for repair of full thickness defect in cornea has been described (Moore, 2003)
  7. is muscle (Figs 4, 5). Because a VRAM flap is a myocutaneous pedicle flap with an intact blood supply, the muscular por-tion will enhance following intravenous contras

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Flap dissection of the pedicle is performed after 3 weeks. The residual donor site is closed, while the distal pedicle is left untrimmed and closed secondarily a few days later to allow for. Buccal Sliding Palatal Pedicle Flap Technique for Wound Closure After Ridge Augmentation Author(s): Snježana Pohl, MD, DMD;Maurice Salama, DMD;Pantelis Petrakakis, DDS, DPH Date Added: 9/17/2020. Summary: One standard approach for wound closure after ridge augmentation is coronal flap advancement The flap was sewed into place with 2-0 nylon in a horizontal mattress fashion. I then revised the flap to allow circumferential coverage of the thumb and the pedicle. Having completely covered thumb with the pedicle, this completed the pedicle left groin flap to the left thumb. Introduction. Wound reconstruction, eg carcinoma external nose , following wide local excision , hemangiopericytoma , deficit following compartmental resection or reconstruction of a traumatic wound, utilizing skin flap(s) retaining its original vascular supply.; Uses Conventional flaps - random subdermal flaps. Vascularized solely by capillaries in subdermal plexus until neovascularization.

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What is a pedicled TRAM flap? The TRAM, or transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous, flap breast reconstruction uses tissues from the abdomen including those normally discarded during a tummy tuck to form a new breast following mastectomy for cancer. Skin and fat from the lower abdomen is transferred to the breast and its blood flow. Transversus abdominis myocutaneous pedicled flap. SEARCH TUMORI. Correlation of Pathological Complete Response with Radiological Evaluation after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy of Breast Carcinoma. Response to Letter to Editor:Advancement flaps are enough in most cases as oncoplastic technique for breast cancer even with central or periareolar. แสดงการผ่าตัด immediate breast reconstruction with contralateral pedicle TRAM flap

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  1. Pedicle definition, a small stalk or stalklike support, as the connection between the cephalothorax and abdomen in certain arachnids. See more
  2. The flap may be used either as a free or pedicled flap. Initially, the procedure for harvesting the flap is the same. If the flap is used as a free flap, the vascular pedicle is traced proximally and divided
  3. Synonyms for tubed pedicle flap in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for tubed pedicle flap. 88 synonyms for flap: flutter, wave, swing, swish, flail, beat, wave, thrash.
  4. The island pedicle flap is a random pattern advancement flap well suited to reconstruct a variety of small‐ to intermediate‐sized soft tissue wounds. Objective. To review the utility of the island pedicle flap in reconstructive dermatologic surgery and to detail the operative technique to achieve reproducible functional and esthetic results
  5. Five patients underwent surgical revision involving intraoral flap debulking 6-10 months after the primary procedure. Discussion and conclusions The techniques to elongate the pedicle used and described were: additional dissection of the pedicle, Y-V procedure, reverse flow flap, section of facial vein and microvascular anastomosis

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мед.фраз. лоскут на ножке * * * лоскут на ножк Need help determining whether a myocutaneous island pedicle flap of the trapezius would be billed with 15734 for the myocutaneous flap of the trunk or 15740 Flap island pedicle which describes a cutaneous flap or would both be billed. There is no bundling issue with these two codes, but not sure what would be appropriate. Appreciate any thoughts

Translations in context of pedicle flap in English-French from Reverso Context: Okay, so if we did a pedicle flap... we could do a tendon transfer to get back motor function The term pedicled flap describes a technique whereby skin, and sometimes muscle and fat, can be transferred from one site to another. This transferred tissue may be used to reconstruct a breast or cover a difficult wound. Your plastic surgeon can advise you regarding the appropriate technique for you, as well as the risks and complications The flap has been widely used either as a pedicle flap or as a free flap . As a pedicle flap it is ideal in covering defects around the frontal and temporal area of the scalp [ 2 ]. A combination of these two flaps can thus be utilized to cover extensive scalp defect involving the frontal, temporal, and vertex aspect of the scalp Background. The island pedicle flap is a widely used flap for reconstructions in the face and on the extremities. The movement of the flap is limited because of the traditionally inferiorly based pedicle that allowed only rotation or advancement. Objective. The purpose was to enhance translation movement by modifying the pedicle. Methods. The modification of the flap is demonstrated with.

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  1. pedicle flaps of the upper limb vascular anatomy surgical technique and current indications Nov 27, 2020 Posted By Horatio Alger, Jr. Ltd TEXT ID b9141434 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library technique and current indications nov 16 2020 posted by frank g slaughter publishing text id f91f73cb online pdf ebook epub library indications nov 12 2020 posted b
  2. Socket augmentation at the time of extraction, whether autogenic, allogenic, or by xenograft, has the intention of preserving or restoring the alveolar morphology, making it more amenable to implant insertion. 19,20 However, a major problem with socket preservation is the achievement of primary wound closure. 15,16 The sliding pedicle flap.
  3. ant vessel in most patients the media sural artery. The medial gastrocnemius is greater than the lateral one, with longer vascular pedicle and greater arc of rotation, reaching the knee easily and thus is more frequently used.

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Add-on code 49905 Omental flap, intra-abdominal (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure) is reported when an omental pedicle flap is created and positioned to fill or correct an intra-abdominal defect, such as an enterocele or dead space, resulting from a colovaginal or colovesical repair. Note that CPT® lists another code, 57270 Repair of enterocele, abdominal. Regional Pedicle Flaps Regional pedicle flaps were first used in the nineteenth century. Flap survival always depends on integrity and appropriate vascularization once the flap has been surgically..

Flap type: muscle, musculocutaneous, osteomusculocutaneous Circulation pattern: Type V Vascular anatomy Dominant pedicle: pectoral branch of thoracoacromial a, venae comitantes Minor pedicle: pectoral branch of lateral thoracic a, perforators from internal mammary, intercostal a, venae comitante - flap is raised as a subcutaneous pedicle based around the ascending branch and associated veins; - because the artery length is typically 5 cm, there is a generous arc of rotation; - once flap is raised, it is tunneled subcutaneously underneath the normal skin bridge to reach the defect The technique described here creates an inferior pedicle as an axial pattern flap based on the fourth, fifth, and sixth intercostal perforators. In this way an identifiable vascular supply is established that preserves the glandular tissue beneath the NAC and possibly the fourth intercostal nerves as they ascend the NAC a vascular pedicle flap. Most commonly, a deep inferior epigastric or superior gluteal perforating artery provides the vascular pedicle in these so-called free tissue transfers (4,5). Because neither the rectus abdominis nor the gluteus maximus muscle is sacrificed with this technique, donor site morbidity is reduced substantially (6). A flap The flap was designed on the lateral thigh in order to obtain maximal pedicle length (Figure 1). Skin signals were identified and marked. Skin signals were identified and marked. An exploration incision was made to identify the descending branch off the lateral circumflex femoral artery

The four conditions of left hand reconstruction with a pedicle flap are shown in this exhibit. The first illustration demonstrates the amputation of gangrenous first and third fingers. Second is the creation of a large abdominal pedicle flap for closure of left hand wounds. The abdominal pedicle flap covering the left is shown below, beside the post-operative condition with the final flap. A surgical approach involving a double pedicle flap and dHACM with 15 months follow‐up is described. Following gentle cleansing of the defect and careful split‐thickness elevation of a double pedicle flap, the area of exposure fenestration was covered with dHACM. The overlying flap was then closed carefully to completely cover the dHACM The pedicle transverse colon flap is another valuable alternative method for vaginoplasty with promising results and minor com- plications. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 141: 767, 2018.) CLINICAL QUESTION/LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Therapeutic, IV Island pedicle flap: Island of skin is incised from surrounding skin, based on subcutaneous tissue and advanced into the defect. Advancement Flaps The method for preventing necrosis in a pedicle flap or in any microvascular surgery comprises topically applying to pedicle or other source of blood supply, a therapeutically effective amount of a vasodilator composition containing an NO or NO donor or a prodrug that causes formation of nitrosothiol in tissue, optionally in combination with lidocaine. 例文帳に追加. 有茎皮弁におい.

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  1. With the defect on the anterior surface, a slit A subcutaneous, pull-through island pedicle flap is excision is taken through the auricular cartilage. (B) The ear is reflected anteriorally, and the flap is taken from the postauric- an ideal and versatile reconstructive choice for ular scalp
  2. pedicle flap is de-epithelialized and dissected with a # 22 scalpel or an electric scalpel up to the pectoral fascia. Excess dermoglandular tissue is removed and sent to pathology for study. The inferior pedicle flap is fixed to the pectoral fascia with a 3-0 non-absorbable suture, creating contention an
  3. The pedicle width of at least 5cm was maintained, an inch on each side of the pivot perforator and . to include short saphenous vein. The vascularity of the flap was confirmed at the . distal most part and Splint was applied to restrict . of the limb
  4. The pedicle of the flap extends from the distal aponeurosis of insertion of the soleus and the gastrocnemius (Figure 12). The tissues are re-approximated with a non-absorbable synthetic suture and skin with surgical staples. The surgical staples, along with the use of long incisional drains, are aimed at preventing hematoma formation
  5. en The tissue flap may be left attached to the blood supply and moved to the breast area through a tunnel under the skin (a pedicle flap), or it may be removed completely and reattached to the breast area by microsurgical techniques to reconnect the tiny blood vessels from the flap to vessels on the chest area (a free flap)

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A bipedicle flap (technically a tubed pedicle flap in this case) procedure allows a handle to be created coming off of the body. In reconstructive surgery this tissue is then removed and used to rebuild other parts of the body (flap surgery dates back as far as 600 BC — see the entry on earlobe reconstruction history for more on that), but in body modification of the type BME covers, the. A pedicle TRAM flap leaves the flap attached to its original blood supply and tunnels it under the skin to the chest. It usually requires removing most if not all of the rectus abdominis muscle on that side, which means an increased risk of bulging and/or hernia on one side of the abdomen

omental pedicle flap 9. pedicle 10. pedicle advancement technique 11. pedicle clamp 12. pedicle flap 13. pedicle flap in mucogingival surgery 14. pedicle flap operation 15. pedicle graft 16. pedicle of arch of vertebra 17. pedicle of vertebral arch 18. pedicle screw fixation system 19. permanent pedicle flap 20. skin graft pedicle 21. tubed. artery pedicle flap provided excellent thumb tip defect coverage and is an effective and safe technique for the restora-tion of grip and pinch strength to the hand after the repair of a thumb tip defect. Introduction The thumb plays a critical role in hand performance and grip

The pedicle flap was then covered over the recipient site and finger pressure was applied with a gauze piece until the graft was firmly seated. It was then carefully secured with 3-0 non- resorbable sling sutures without tension. Cut- back incision was given if it precluded stable positioning of the flap to the recipient site. Good adaptation. 1620s, from L. pediculus “footstalk,” dim. of pedem (nom. pes) “foot” (see FOOT (Cf. foot) Many translated example sentences containing pedicle flap - Polish-English dictionary and search engine for Polish translations Italian Translation for pedicle flap - dict.cc English-Italian Dictionar

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After 4 months, the implant was exposed using a rolled flap with buccal pedicle, strictly preservin the mesial and distal papillae. straumann.pt Nach 4 Monaten wurde das Implantat mit Hilf e eines b ukkal gestielten Rolllappens unter striktem Erhalt der mesialen und distalen Papille freigelegt Introduction. The dorsalis pedis island pedicle flap, first cited by O'Brien and Shanmugan1 in 1973 and described by McCraw and Furlow2 in 1975, evolved into the free flap utilized by Ohmori and. that the central pedicle horizontal scar reduction technique is a very safe and The upper flap was undermined beginning from the new IML, allowing the flap to be2to3cmthick,similartoanabdominoplastyflap,uptothepectoral fascia. After thede-epithelializationandupper flappreparation,the ex

pedicle(skin)flap; Pedicor; Look at other dictionaries: Skin neoplasm — Skin cancer Classification and external resources A basal cell carcinoma. Note the pearly appearance and telangiectasia. ICD 10 C pedicle 椎根;短莖; 學術名詞 獸醫學 pedicle 椎根(脊椎),短莖; 學術名詞 醫學名詞 pedicle 莖、蒂; 學術名詞 地球科學名詞 pedicle 肉莖; 學術名詞 生物學名詞-植物 pedicle 小梗;花梗; 學術名詞 比較解剖學 Pedicle 椎 Looking for online definition of Pedicle-to-Pedicle or what Pedicle-to-Pedicle stands for? Pedicle-to-Pedicle is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronym

palate- Connective Tissue Graft without epithelium - YouTubeMathes and Nahai classification of muscle flaps | MasterVascularized Medial Femoral Trochlea OsteocartilaginousAn “oxhorn”-shaped V–Y advancement flap unilaterallyGracilis Flap | Plastic Surgery KeyIntroitusReconstruction of Heel Soft Tissue Defects Using Medial
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